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Here at Maxx-Out Windows & Gutters we offer a number of Cleaning and Repair Services. Below is a list of several different Services that we offer Our Customers. Our team is highly knowledgeable and most certainly equipped to handle the majority of works related to Cleaning and Repairing the Exteriors of Homes and Businesses.

Window Cleaning (Commercial)

Window Cleaning

Clear and clean windows is what we are well known for. We offer this service to both home owners as well as business owners. We offer different prices for different rates such as monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly and yearly.

Power Washing

We specialize in Power Washing House Exterior, Decks, Walk Ways and Roofs. You name it we do it! We offer many options when it comes to power washing, for both Residential and Commercial locations.

Power Washing (Residential)

Gutter Cleaning + Gutter Guard Installation (Residential) 

Gutter Maintenance

Gutter maintenance can range anywhere from a complete installation to cleaning and installing extras such as gutter guards and gutter warmers.

                                          Wooden Gutter Treatment

Wooden Gutter treatment is essential to preserving the life span of wood used as gutters and is best treated with at least a twice a year wash and oil treatment of the interior of the gutters.

Once cleaned, linseed oil is then applied to the interior of the gutters to prevent wood from drying, cracking and eventually rotting. This process should be done at least twice a year.


We also provide services such as Siding (Fascia), Roofing/Shingle (Gable), and Graffiti Removal.


What our customers are saying

Friendly and professional. Showed up on time and did a great job.

Steve D. Dorchester, MA

Service Prices

Gutter cleaning Service


Per Cleaning

Base Price

Window Cleaning service

$15 & Up

Per Week

Base Price

Pressure Wash Service

$150 minimum

Start Rate

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